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Quality training is the backbone of ProEdu Skills. The objective of our training methodology is to enhance the skill sets required for a successful career in the corporate world. Methodology is being used in the training.

Our training program involves the following methodologies:-

  • Certified Proficient Trainers with first-hand knowledge of the specified industry.
  • Strong guidelines on maintaining decorum and discipline of the organization.
  • Audio/Video aided Training system.
  • Simulation mode to give real time experience.
  • Tailor- made course content as per requirement.
  • Highly interactive sessions with Presentation, Workshop, Role plays, Case study and Project work as additional steps towards better learning.
  • Rigorous practical classes on a regular basis.
  • Digitization of training.
  • Centralized live video sessions by master trainers. These videos can be recorded for future references. In short, sessions can be captured and broadcast as and when required.
  • The entire life cycle of student is monitored and controlled through ERP  and systematic Evaluation and Placement Audit.  (EPA)
  • Special sessions by industry experts are organized for students which prepare them for the corporate world.
  • Industry Expert session - At least 4 guest lecture sessions are planned when someone renowned from the respective industry will come to deliver a session for the trainees.
  • Industry Visit - Time to time Trainees visit is planned the Work place and get accustomed with the relevant wok culture.

Our training programs are designed to provide participants with an active and relevant learning experience. Our resources and methodologies include:-

The use of technical and subject matter experts.

Master trainer,
live video session

Relevant and concise course material for each participant

(word-sworth software)

Interactive group exercises and discussions

Tablet application one to one learning

LED presentation

For our professional qualification courses progress tests, mock exams and personalized feedback for each student

Master Trainer Session:-

Live Distance Training is operated at Orion, where the students get educated in a virtual lab- manner environment. Our professional trainers conduct expert sessions from our head office on life skills and makethe trainees acquainted with the updated corporate culture. Master trainer sessions are clearly specified in the Activity cum lesson planner. Each center maintains proper online system with projector/TV-screen for the classroom and deploys relevant teaching software to smoothen the execution part. In addition, centers maintain a summary report of lectures delivered using live studio based broadcast by master trainers for future reference. As per the training curriculum set (For the Govt. Project), at least 30% training has been provided through broadcasts by master trainers in order to maintain the uniformity of training in all the centers. It's an excellent opportunity to make the trainees aware of the present global communication procedure.




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