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Train The Trainer Programme

We execute our training programs through our capable trainers. It is they who interact with the students, pinpoint the areas for improvement, and finally, use our advanced study materials to ensure that the students improve their skills during the sessions. So, to meet our commitment of quality training, we strictly maintain the quality of our trainers.

To that end, we have adopted measures to ensure standardization of trainers and training delivery. The process starts right at the inception when the trainer gets recruited, trained and commissioned to the centers. The trainers' training includes evaluation by HR department, skill enhancement by training department and final evaluation to check knowledge and skills of its training resources. We maintain the same parameters for all our centers

Our evaluations and monitoring are ongoing processes and, periodically, the quality checks are enforced to make sure there is no deviation from the ProEdu Skills's pre designed processes. We conduct refresher and need based training for our training resources to ensure their constant evolution and upgrading. To maintain consistency, we also conduct monthly training sessions for our trainers.

We maintain trainer performance records and work upon them effectively. This also helps us develop and upgrade our courses and study materials as per the need of the hour. At the same time, it gives us the opportunity to recognize the efforts of the trainers and motivate them for further improvements.




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